Talent Summit 2021

Crafting Compelling Messages that Wow: 3 Steps to Optimizing Outreach with Gem

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Over 300 billion emails are sent and received daily across the globe. How does your message stand out from the rest? Having a data-driven, high-yield messaging strategy ensures that every minute invested in crafting custom content is time well-spent.

Join Maisha as she shares ideas for creating engaging outreach that converts in a sea full of #recruiterspam and other inbox noise. She'll cover:

  • Ideas on how to make data-driven decisions for more effective email outcomes
  • Strategies for message personalization across roles/industries
  • How to use your unique voice to connect with prospects


Maisha Cannon, Procore

Talent Summit 2021

Teams are being built faster than ever. Learn how today’s largest companies are reimagining hiring.

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