Executive Panel

Navigating the Great Attraction with DoorDash, Canva, and Coinbase

Thoughts from

Matt Valentino

VP, Global Talent Acquisition at Doordash

Amy Schultz

Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Canva

Grant D'Arcy

VP, Talent Acquisition, Management & Learning at Coinbase

Matt Tague

Director, Talent Advisory at Gem

He's a Gem.

January 24, 2022

Hiring is more dynamic than it has ever been. While many refer to it as the great resignation or the great migration, we believe that it is the great attraction. Now more than ever, there is an opportunity to engage and attract incredible talent at scale. As part of the Talent Visionaries series, we brought together a panel of global leaders from DoorDash, Canva, and Coinbase to discuss how they’re evolving and innovating to gain an advantage.

Watch the conversation to hear how TA leaders are:

  • Planning proactively for anticipated challenges
  • Hiring internationally during COVID
  • Accelerating diversity hiring in a remote environment
  • Building their employer brand and differentiating in the market
  • Recruiting recruiters when they're in higher-demand than software engineers
  • And more!