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Gem’s Pipeline Analytics

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At Gem, we know that the best talent acquisition teams thrive on data. Pipeline Analytics is a Gem feature that allows sourcers, recruiters, and talent leaders to view their entire Talent Pipeline at a glance from Reachout to Offer-Accept. We take your Gem stages and juxtapose them with your ATS stages to give you a full-funnel view—so your team can set realistic goals, pivot quickly to optimize your process, and allocate resources in the right places to fill your reqs.

Track Team Productivity and Performance

Pipeline Analytics

Activity Stats

Monitor volume of activity in any given time frame, from the number of phone screens happening weekly in each job to the number of offers extended and accepted. Share these reports with other stakeholders with one click to showcase your team’s efforts.

Detailed Pipeline Views

Set your teams up for successful QBRs and metrics reviews by empowering them with all the data they need to answer “why.” Breakdown pipelines by candidate source and rejection reasons, and then zoom into each candidate’s application history to evaluate what happened on a caseby-case basis.

Debug Hiring Funnels

Hiring Funnel

Passthrough Rates

Analyze conversion rates from stage to stage to identify the weakest points of your funnels and understand how to fix them.

Advanced Segmentation

Slice and dice candidate segments by hiring manager, recruiter, job, gender, and more to spot biases and effect process change for a more equitable candidate experience.

“Say we’re looking at passthrough rates with Gem and we notice we’re losing people at the technical review stage. Is it the way we’re assessing people’s technical aptitude; is it the test we’re using; is it how we’re delivering the news that they have to take a technical assessment? These are places we can coach our hiring managers; but they’re also places we can partner to optimize that stage in the funnel.”

Candice Tang
Director of Talent Acquisition at Roblox

Plan for the Future

Pipeline Forecasting


Set realistic expectations with hiring managers based on data. Pull up time-to-fill stats for any given pipeline of candidates, and hold hiring teams accountable by showing where the slowest parts of the process are.


Input your target number of hires and Gem will calculate how many candidates you’ll need at each stage of the funnel in order to reach your hiring goals, based on your team’s historic hiring patterns. Allocate resources intelligently, and ensure that no single recruiter is set up for failure based on unrealistic hiring goals.

“We lean heavily on Gem’s analytics to better manage both our outbound messaging and our hiring funnel as a whole. The forecasting calculator uses our own historical hiring data to gauge how many candidates we need in each stage of the funnel to hire for a particular role; so we’re clear on the health of our pipeline. And as we’re evolving into recruitment marketing, Gem allows us to nurture candidates over the long-term.”

Greg D’Augusta
Head of Talent Research at Twilio

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