Talent Compass

Insights That Drive Strategic Recruiting

Talent Compass surfaces data across Gem and your ATS to help you run a strategic recruiting team. Forecast and plan goals, uncover cost-saving insights, and improve operational efficiency.

Talent Analytics
Executive reporting

Drive Strategic Recruiting Conversations

Eliminate the guesswork with preset templates for multiple use cases and drive strategy with insights, not instinct.

Evaluate Your KPIs Against Peer Benchmarks

Compare your team's performance against similar companies based on size, location, department, gender, race/ethnicity, and valuation.

Offer acceptance rate benchmark
Forecast and planning

Forecast Today, Plan for Tomorrow

Project the hires you are on pace to make and determine the resources you need to meet new hiring goals.

Operationalize Your Team to Work Smarter

Foster a data-driven recruiting team with standardized reporting on team performance, pipeline health, and interview workload.

Performance optimization
Diversity recruiting insights

Elevate Your Diversity Recruiting Strategy

Evaluate the impact of your diversity efforts and uncover any potential biases in your funnel with gender and race/ethnicity insights.

Visualize your funnel

View all of your team’s recruiting activities in Gem and the ATS from one source of truth.

Make data-driven decisions

Gather insights and spot bottlenecks to optimize your recruiting process.

Bring recruiting to the table

Support business strategy and easily collaborate with functional partners and leaders.

"I’ve created dashboards in Gem that tell us what our projected hires are for each role. I share them with our Talent Development team so we can answer some critical questions: Do we have enough capacity to make those hires? What stage of the funnel will need the most attention?
En-Szu Hu-Van Wright
En-Szu Hu-Van Wright
Talent Ops Manager
"We don't necessarily have to use it [Talent Compass] at the manager level. Gem helps individual recruiters proactively understand their own performance.”
Dana Schafer
Dana Schafer
Recruiting Operations Manager
“We’re striving to increase the representation of certain employee populations across teams, roles, and levels. Gem is not only informing those targets; it’s also helping us track how we’re trending in our diversity efforts.”
Josh Salazar
Josh Salazar
People Operations

Features to Power Every Talent Acquisition Team

Unlock prospect info with one click
And effortlessly create automated outreach and followups.
Maintain every candidate relationship
Nurture passive talent, manage events, and report on pipeline.
Manage and report on diversity hiring
Source and nurture diverse talent with auto diversity tracking.
  • Integrates directly with candidate databases
  • Automatically track all outreach
  • Team analytics and reporting
  • CSV import & export
  • Review candidates with hiring managers
  • Syncs with your Applicant Tracking System
  • Visualize and manage your talent pipeline
  • Send and automatically track InMail
  • Track diversity automatically
  • Know who on your team has reached out
  • Automatically follow up with email sequences
  • Premium email lookup and verification
  • Shared and private project management
  • Smart industry benchmarks and insights
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