Pipeline Management

Improve Recruiting Efficiency and the Candidate Experience

Take the right action at the right time to deliver a great candidate experience.

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Candidate Rediscovery
Talent Pipeline Kanban Board

Visualize Your Entire Pipeline

See a quick, visual snapshot of your pipeline for every role, and which candidates need your attention.

Take Action with Just One Click

Move candidates to the next stage or reject with templated emails, all automatically synced to your ATS.

Manage candidates
SLA Status

Ensure Timely Follow-Up

Define SLAs to set expectations for all parties and quickly flag which candidates need attention.

See All Candidate Details in One Place

Quickly pull recent interactions and notes without switching between applications.

Infrastructure Talent Pool
Own the hiring manager relationship

Come prepared to your hiring manager sync knowing where every candidate stands.

Automate reporting

Keep your team in sync with scheduled updates through email, Slack, or a direct URL.

Engage instantly

Send one-off messages, move or reject candidates, and track all responses.

"Gem is the place for all my metrics, regardless of what stage of the funnel I’m looking at. I’m in Talent Pipeline regularly to check the health of my pipelines, where all my candidates are, what needs attention.”
Sam Leveston
Sam Leveston
Senior Recruiter
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“[Talent Pipeline] a great tone-setter for action items on the day; and it ensures there’s not a single candidate that ever falls through the cracks or gets stuck in a stage. We’re right there with them the whole way.”
Josh Salazar
Josh Salazar
People Operations
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"Gem alerts me to who’s waiting on feedback, whom we need to take action on. I see that 5 candidates have made it to the reference check. I see how many days it’s been since our last touchpoint... At a glance, I have an immediate sense of how an open role is trending.”
Kyle Ijichi
Kyle Ijichi
Senior Technical Recruiter
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Features to Power Every Talent Acquisition Team

Unlock prospect info with one click
And effortlessly create automated outreach and followups.
Maintain every candidate relationship
Nurture passive talent, manage events, and report on pipeline.
Manage and report on diversity hiring
Source and nurture diverse talent with auto diversity tracking.
  • Integrates directly with candidate databases
  • Automatically track all outreach
  • Team analytics and reporting
  • CSV import & export
  • Review candidates with hiring managers
  • Syncs with your Applicant Tracking System
  • Visualize and manage your talent pipeline
  • Send and automatically track InMail
  • Track diversity automatically
  • Know who on your team has reached out
  • Automatically follow up with email sequences
  • Premium email lookup and verification
  • Shared and private project management
  • Smart industry benchmarks and insights
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