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Gem CRM Gives Procore a Single Source of Hiring Truth

Procore Technologies provides innovative and unified construction management software to thousands of companies in several countries. With hundreds of open roles to fill in three separate continents, Procore needed a way to consolidate hiring data across their ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and tools like LinkedIn and their own email. The company also faced the challenge of trying to remove redundancies on how they reached out to candidates.

Maisha Cannon, Sourcing Leader at Procore, was tasked with a huge amount of outreach and pipeline building. Throughout her career, Cannon experienced the manual, multi-step procedure of tracking candidate outreach, and knows firsthand how laborious the process can be.


Carpinteria, CA

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“Gem illuminates the bulk of work sourcers do before a candidate is officially deemed qualified and interested.”
Maisha Cannon
Maisha Cannon
Sourcing Leader
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