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Mapbox Sees 30% Conversion Rates— 21% Above the Industry Average—with Gem’s SOBO Feature.

Mapbox is a live mapping and location cloud platform that’s changing the way people move through and explore the world. Developers use the company’s SDKs and APIs to create applications that solve problems with maps, simultaneously using and helping create real-time location awareness. 700 million users—and 175,000 developers from companies like Facebook, The Weather Channel, and Strava—touch their maps every month; thanks to a continuous feedback cycle, Mapbox’s maps become smarter with each touch.

The company’s technologies process over 300 million miles of global road networks every day. It’s a number that demands a lot of engineers; and the 500-person company plans to grow by another 200 in 2021.


San Francisco, CA & Washington, D.C. (HQs)

What they do

Mapping and location platform


500+ Employees

Gem product

CRM, Analytics
“With the growth we anticipate, we have to figure out ways to organize, automate processes, and strategically engage passive talent. That’s where Gem comes in for us.”
Brie Bastidas
Brie Bastidas
Director of Talent Acquisition
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