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"Collaboration” has been a tech buzzword for a long time; but—perhaps in the recruiting industry especially—it can sometimes feel like a chore as opposed to a path towards better results. Oftentimes, it means multiple tabs, repetitive conversations, and messy spreadsheets. In fact, our customers have often told us that staying on top of all their candidates and keeping their hiring managers in the loop is a full-time job on top of the relationship management they’re actually paid (and love) to do! 

When we probed deeper, we learned that just getting a beat on where all their candidates are in the process requires a separate spreadsheet that doesn’t even sync with their ATS. It's easy to see why some recruiters are pulling their hair when they hear the term “collaborative hiring.” It isn’t that recruiters don’t want to collaborate with hiring managers; they just don’t have time to do it right. In today’s market, there’s a shortage of recruiters, which means the current ones are drowning in open reqs. 

The current market trends do not appear to be resolving anytime soon so we’ve been investing in solutions that lift the day-to-day burden that recruiters face. Say hello to Talent Pipeline. Talent Pipeline operates as a collaborative hiring platform and candidate management system to help recruiters simplify their recruitment workflows.

Pipeline Snapshot

Pulling all active ATS candidates into a Kanban board, Talent Pipeline offers recruiters a way to share digestible snapshots of their pipelines with hiring managers. Recruiters can then narrow the focus of discussion by filtering for stages they want to show. Users can also flag who needs immediate attention, thereby holding the hiring team accountable on the spot.

Candidate Management

Talent Pipeline also allows recruiters to access key candidate details and take action, all in one view. For example, recruiters can click into a candidate tile to view:

  • Current role & company
  • Attributed source
  • Sourcing activity 
  • Submitted scorecards
  • Internal notes
  • Assigned recruiter
  • ATS profile 

From that same tile, recruiters can reject candidates with templated emails, or drag-and-drop them into the next round with all changes made in Talent Pipeline automatically synced to the ATS!

Our customers love this functionality. One recruiting manager who uses Talent Pipeline every day recently told one of their recruiters, “I train each of my new recruiters on Talent Pipeline because I know from experience that managing candidates that way makes their jobs so much easier"

Finally, recruiters can message candidates directly from Talent Pipeline—either through email or text—with all communication history available in the Gem Messages inbox.

Automated Report Sharing

Talent Pipeline helps keep teams in sync with automated report sharing. Users can customize reports by selecting the stages and candidate details they want visible, and then share those reports on a weekly basis through Slack, email, or a direct URL. 

As Camille Schulz from MasterClass put it, "the Talent Pipeline weekly report saves me an hour each week when it comes to sharing status updates with hiring managers."

What's Next

Talent Pipeline is currently available to customers who use the Greenhouse and Workday ATS, and we are quickly expanding to other popular ATSes within our customer community. We are also prioritizing functionality such as additional sorting filters, assigning SLAs, and automatic surfacing of immediate action items.

If you’re a Gem customer and want to use Talent Pipeline, contact your customer success manager today!

If you’re new to Gem and/or interested in Talent Pipeline for your organization and want us to prioritize the ATS you use today, get in touch with a member of our team to learn more. 

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February 8, 2022
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