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Gem's Gems: Meet Georgena Frazier

This week, in our "Gem's Gems" series, we spoke with Recruiting Generalist Georgena Frazier. Read on to learn more about the employees that make Gem tick!

This week, we’re returning to “Gem’s Gems,” our blog series spotlighting individual team members at Gem. For our third post in this series, we spoke with Recruiting Generalist Georgena Frazier. Georgena (whom we affectionately call "GG") came to Gem from a contracting job at Google, where she was a Staffing Operations Specialist working to create and improve operational recruiting tasks. At Gem, she has a hand in every stage of the sourcing and recruiting processes for our fast-growing team. She’s also a licensed cosmetologist; and some of us are waiting for the day we're in a big enough office that she can style our hair during down-time. We caught up with Georgena to learn more about her.

Name: Georgena N. Frazier

Job title: Recruiting Generalist 

Hometown: Vancouver, WA—not Canada or D.C. :-) It’s very close to Portland, Oregon.

How long have you been at Gem? Almost 6 months now. Wow, it feels like I just signed my offer letter! And I have loved every minute of it so far.

Describe your job in three words: Finding candidates careers.

What’s the thing you most enjoy talking about with candidates when it comes to Gem?

I think a lot of companies get so caught up in creating diverse workplaces that they forget about inclusion. So I love telling candidates in particular about two of our four values: diversity and transparency. 

Every Monday, Gem has an All Hands meeting. Which means that every Monday I learn not only what everyone in the company is working on, but I learn something new about running a business. We also have a great “inclusion taskforce” with regular lunch meetings that everyone in the company is invited to. Every employee at Gem is thinking about how to make this an inclusive company; it’s not just on the backs of a few people.

I think this combination of values has made Gem a standout company—not only in terms of diversity, but in terms of inclusion. 

What is a typical day like? 

  • Checking work emails and Linkedin emails
  • Phone screens with future Gems
  • Taking all steps to ensure candidates move quickly through Gem’s interview process (we want all of them to have stellar candidate experiences)
  • Lunch with the team
  • Thinking/talking about our diversity and inclusion initiatives 

What’s your favorite work memory so far?

One weekend my brother and my aunt passed away in their sleep. My manager, Caroline, took all the work off my plate, sent food and flowers to my home, didn’t pressure me by asking when I thought I would be back at work, and even offered to physically help me get to both memorials. My co-workers searched and found last-minute flights and sent some of the kindest emails I’ve gotten in a long time. When I’ve had family members pass in the past, I was expected to come back to work shortly after the memorials or to work remotely. I was already feeling fortunate to work at Gem, but that situation made me feel even more fortunate to be working with such an understanding group of folks.

What advice do you have for candidates? 

That they have more power than they might think; they just need to learn how to wield it. Candidates, know that no one is going to care about your career as much as you do! So keep your LinkedIn updated with all of the wonderful projects you’re working on, spell check (!), and update your profile picture with your most recent fly picture of yourself. When interviewing, use the STAR method to describe your work experience... and network, network, network!

What are your hobbies?

Swimming, journaling, and talking about curly hair or making curly hair wigs

What superpower would you like to have?

Time travel! Though I’ll take regular travel as well. Thanks to our aviation Slack channel at Gem, it’s like we have our own in-house travel agency.

Tell us something about you we don’t know!

I love to play the cello.

Thanks, GG, for taking time out of your busy sourcing schedule to chat with us! If you want to know more about the Gem values Georgena mentioned, take a look at our post on what it’s like to work at Gem.

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January 3, 2020
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