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Gem’s Integration with SmartRecruiters Just Got Stronger

Gem’s customers have used our sourcing automation platform and CRM alongside many different applicant tracking systems in the years since our founding. SmartRecruiters has been among them; and we’ve been delighted to be a partner on SmartRecruiters’ Marketplace. But while we’ve integrated with them for some time now, we’re excited to announce the next iteration of our partnership: customers who use SmartRecruiters as their ATS now have access to hiring pipeline insights through Pipeline Analytics. This means Gem gets to offer a complete end-to-end view of the hiring funnel to thousands of the world’s best companies.

With SmartRecruiters quickly gaining traction among the world's most successful companies, our partnership and integration was already unlocking tremendous efficiency gains, increasing hiring velocity, and decreasing cost-per-hire for recruiting teams everywhere. Gem’s browser extension sits on top of your favorite sites for talent sourcing—LinkedIn, GitHub, SeekOut, and more—allowing teams to instantly see whether a person already exists in their SmartRecruiters instance, and whether anyone on the team has previously engaged with that person. If the prospect isn’t already in the ATS, recruiters can 1-click upload them into Gem and add them to a SmartRecruiters job; Gem auto-parses the prospect’s information and serves up the best contact information for engagement and nurture. 

Our automated email sequences and send-on-behalf-of feature have allowed teams to see 30%-or-more increases in response rates. What’s more, teams with Gem have access to outreach analytics—opened, replied, and interested rates, as well as content stats—so they can measure outreach effectiveness and iterate on messaging where necessary. And for teams who are looking for qualified candidates from within their ATS—mining for warm talent who’ve applied in the past and are much more likely to engage again—recruiters can one-click import candidates from SmartRecruiters into Gem, quickly and easily building pipelines of warm talent to reengage with Gem's drip campaigns.

Now, Talent Compass pulls in SmartRecruiters stages and bridges them with your Gem outreach stages, so you can see the full candidate journey—from that initial cold outreach, all the way through offer-accept. Which outreach sequences to talent from which sources led to the most hires? Analyze conversion rates from stage to stage to identify the weakest points of your funnels and understand how to fix bottlenecks. Slice and dice candidate segments by hiring manager, recruiter, job, gender, race/ethnicity, and more to spot biases and effect process change for a more equitable candidate experience. For the first time, teams can derive best practices from the very top of the funnel all the way through to hire. And with our Forecasting Calculator, they can also forecast the likelihood of hitting hiring targets based on historical passthrough rates—which ultimately means knowing where to resource and how to capacity-plan:

Gem brings best-in-class sourcing and CRM functionality to SmartRecruiters users; and we’re so excited for this next phase and for our deepening relationship with our mutual customers. By bringing together your existing recruiting stack (your ATS as well as LinkedIn, email, and more) into a single platform, you can drive a 5x increase in sourcing productivity, a 2x increase in booked phone screens, and a 20%-or-more decrease in time to hire. We’ve received such positive feedback from our mutual customers already. And with their help, we'll continue to augment our integration and ensure that we’re always serving our SmartRecruiters customers’ needs.

Check out the additional demo video on the SmartRecruiters Marketplace to see how Gem + SmartRecruiters can help accelerate your acquisition of top talent and optimize your entire hiring process. And if you'd like to see how Gem and SmartRecruiters work together seamlessly, contact us to learn more.

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August 19, 2021
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