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Gem Product Update: May 2021

Welcome to our May product blog post! This month our events module launched; we started surfacing prospective candidates' phone numbers; we added more types of sequence tasks so you can vary your outreach efforts; and more.

We hope you've been enjoying the spring wherever you are, as our lives creep toward normalcy and we step outside for some fresh air and sun. As usual, this post will highlight some of our most exciting new releases. And as always, reach out to us if you have any questions or if you're interested in learning more about any of the following functionality:

It's a Party: Gem Events

Our events module has launched! Customers on our enterprise package can now create publicly-accessible event registration forms in Gem and send to your guest list. As folks register, they'll automatically be added to a Gem project. Learn more here, or ask your customer success manager.


More Types of Sequence Tasks

Have you ever wanted your sequences to include other types of tasks as stages, like "Send LinkedIn Connection" or "Phone Call"? Now you can add these to-dos to your sequences to remind yourself to do them at various points in your outreach efforts. Read more about this new functionality that so many of you have asked for in our help center article.

Pipeline Analytics: Filter on Jobs

In Pipeline Analytics, you can now filter on jobs by name, meaning you can quickly filter on any job req that contains the word "design" instead of having to manually select each req that is design-related. You can also search by job req ID, so if you happen to know the exact number, searching on that in the jobs filter is also supported.

Project Table Improvements

If you use prospect custom fields -- the ones that appear in each the Gem extension for your team to tag people -- you can now make each custom field appear as its own column in a project, instead of lumped together in a single column (as it was previously). Thank you to all who suggested this!

And relatedly, in any project, you can now select whichever columns you want to show/hide, and they'll remain selected next time you visit the page, which is especially helpful if you use project custom fields.

Import LinkedIn Projects

ICYMI, you can export LinkedIn Projects as CSVs, so we've made it really easy to import those CSVs into Gem by auto-mapping all the columns in those files. Read more on uploading CSVs to Gem in this article.

New Phone; Who Dis?

As many of you know, we're working on adding SMS to support in Gem. One of the things we've released on the way is surfacing phone numbers for prospects, in the same way we find email addresses for profiles sourced. Check out a profile you've sourced to see if we found a phone number for them.

Other Things We're Having Fun With

  • Branded email campaigns
  • Automated SMS sequences
  • Searching against your ATS candidates from within Prospects

Lastly, we're looking for new Gems to join our team! Peep our list of open roles -- we also welcome referrals.

With a brand new San Francisco office opening soon (optional for employees through the end of the year), and a New York office in the works, doubling the company this year has never felt more exciting.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your weeks!


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May 25, 2021
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