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Gem Product Update: March 2021

Welcome to our monthly product update, and happy spring (or autumn for some of you)!

Since our last update, we lost an hour thanks to daylight savings time, but that doesn't mean we worked any less to bring you some great new things.

Check out what's new in Gem below, and be sure to read about some exciting company updates at the very end.

Skip Holidays in Sequences

Tons of our customers have asked for sequences to automatically skip holidays, and you now can! We also know that different companies have different days off, so admins can define what those holidays are on the team admin page:

️Star Projects For Quick Access

Continuing on the project organization train, we wanted to ship a couple more features to help you quickly access your most-used projects.
At the top of any project page, click the star icon to favorite it. You can then sort by starred projects in your Projects page.

Prospects: Filter by Project Fields

For teams who use Project Fields to stay organized, you can now filter on them from the Prospects search page to reengage different segments of candidates:

Pipeline Analytics: View "Start" Stage

If you track your pipeline all the way to the end of the hiring funnel, you may want to view candidates' start dates. Now, from the "Stages" dropdown above the table, you can select the "Start" stage in both the funnel view and the activity view, so you can compare stats like time-to-hire vs. time-to-start. This will be turned on for all Pipeline Analytics customers over the next week or so, and you can read more about Pipeline Analytics stages here in the meantime.

A New Look to Gem's Email Notifications

If you're used to receiving automated Gem emails when getting @-mentioned by a teammate, after sending sequences, or after having your SOBO request approved by your VP of Engineering, you'll notice that these emails have a fresh new look to them:

Lastly, Gem is growing a ton in 2021 and we'd love your help getting the word out.

If you know someone who might be interested in joining our quickly-growing team, please share Gem's careers page with them. We'll be doubling our company this year and even have some amazing opportunities in our newly-planned New York office.

As always, reach out to us with any feedback or feature requests, or message your CSM for more details on any of the above.

Thanks for reading, and hope to talk to you soon!

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March 25, 2021
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