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Gem Product Update: August 2021

Welcome to our monthly product update!

Here at Gem HQ, we've been shivering through Fogust (ugh) and preparing for Gem Talent Summit 2021 (woo)!

In case you haven't heard, Talent Summit is on Wednesday, September 15, and is going to feature some amazing speakers alongside thousands of your peers in attendance. Don't forget to also sign up for Customer Day -- the day before Talent Summit -- to get a deep dive into Gem's latest product news and connect with fellow users.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming below -- as always, please reply to this email or chat us in Gem to learn more, ask questions, or send feedback.

Dashboards: Now Available

If you've ever wanted a single page to organize and display important metrics from Pipeline Analytics in configurable widgets, this is the product for you. Greenhouse customers (who have bought Pipeline Analytics) now have access at (also in the left navigation bar of Gem).

We're working on adding more types of widgets, so please click on the feedback link in the upper right corner to submit feedback!

Image Upload in Event Registration Forms

When you create a Gem form linked to a project, you can now upload banner photos to add some visual flair (or your company logo).

Talent Pipeline: Reject Candidates

  • Reject candidates: Now from each candidate card, you can reject candidates from Talent Pipeline without going into your ATS -- changes will be reflected in your ATS immediately.
  • View rejected candidates: Toggle to view rejected candidates in each stage from the job details hover card.

Pipeline Analytics: New Filter Operators

You can now filter using "contains" and "is not":

Coming Soon

  • Branded email campaigns: send fancy newsletters to your talent communities and
  • ATS candidate rediscovery: uncover silver medallists from your ATS in Gem's Prospects
  • Gem Inbox: manage all your candidate communication in one place

Lastly, as always, we'd love for you to check out our open roles: we're hiring like mad, and we'd love for you so help spread the word.

Thanks for reading, and see you all at Gem Talent Summit in September!


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August 25, 2021
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