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Gem Feature Release Update: Sept 2019

If you're sad that summer is coming to an end, let this list of Gem's newest features distract you.

Workflow Updates

  • Sort by "Last Activity"  ⬆️⬇️You asked; we listened. Click the "Last Activity" column header in Projects and Search.
  • Calendly Integration in InMail Sequences Last time we told you that Calendly tracking was supported in Gem email Sequences, but now we support Calendly in InMail sequences too. This means we'll stop your sequences when candidates book a time, and you can read all about that here
  • Support For the New LinkedIn Recruiter LinkedIn is starting to roll out a redesigned UI for Recruiter for some users, so we've made sure to update Gem so it works the same way it does with the original UI. 
  • Bulk Due Date Actions Set, edit, or delete due dates on Candidates in bulk.

CRM Updates

  • Pipeline Analytics See how your hiring pipelines look by grouping and breaking down by Greenhouse department, job, location, and source. Click into the "All Candidates" view to check this out.

    You can also export your views by clicking the Download CSV button in the upper right.
  • Search ImprovementsIt's faster! (And you can sort by the Last Activity column here too)

Lastly, we've launched our Workday integration! If you know of any friends who've been dying to try out Gem with Workday instead of the other Applicant Tracking Systems we support, send 'em our way and we'll credit you with the referral ✌️

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September 16, 2019
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