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Gem Feature Release Update: May/June 2020

Here's what we've been up to on the product side at Gem for the last two months: new features in Pipeline Analytics, Resume Review, Outreach Stats, & more.

It's hard to believe it's July already; but admittedly, other things have been more top-of-mind than the seasons changing. Here at Gem, we spent last month in conversations about race—conversations we don’t imagine we’ll ever stop having. We took Juneteenth off to reflect, learn, and celebrate as a company; and we remembered the Stonewall Riots as we celebrated Pride Month. We’ve also spent the last two months building all of your great product ideas, welcoming new puppies to the Gem fam, virtual eating competitions , and celebrating Gem's birthday.So forgive us for missing the May product updates… we’ve rolled May and June into one. Here’s what’s new in Gem:

Pipeline Analytics

  • Filter on and group by Greenhouse "user" custom fields
  • Collapsible stages! Hide select columns to show passthrough rates and time in stage in a cleaner, more summarized way.
Product Updates Collapsible Stages
Stat Details

Calendly Integration

Manage all of your connected Calendly accounts in your Gem account settings to automatically stop sequences when prospects book time with you.

Lever Users

If you use Gem + Lever, not only can you upload a candidate straight to Lever from the Gem sidebar, but you can now also change the candidate's stage at any time.

Resume Review

In any project, you can now sort by review verdict to quickly find your Gems.Head to the new Review Stats page to see who's requesting resume reviews from hiring managers, and what the accept/reject rates look like:

Product Update Resume Review Stats

Default Privacy Controls

In your Gem account settings, you can now:

  • Turn on/off auto-logging InMail messages
  • Set your default project privacy setting


Gem now has a page dedicated to all your saved views across Outreach Stats, Pipeline Analytics, and Talent Pipeline. Click on "Reports" in the left navigation:

Product Updates Reports

Outreach Stats

In Candidate Cohorts, you can now toggle to view pass-through rates between engagement steps:

Product Update Candidate Cohorts

Lastly, we are incredibly proud to launch Gem's "Free For Startups" program, which gives startups smaller than 15 employees Gem for free. We're excited to help companies of all sizes find and hire the best talent, and we know how crucial that is particularly during a company's earliest stages. (Note, if you've been logged into Gem to see our other product updates above, you'll have to either log out or open in incognito to access the landing page.)

Feel free to share with any founders or VCs in your network!

We hope the rest of your summer is filled with optimism and momentum, and that you remember we're here for you—so don't hesitate to reach out if we can ever help with anything.

Thanks for reading, and be well!

Til next time.

Team Gem

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July 1, 2020
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