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Gem Feature Release Update: July 2020

Here are the latest and greatest features we've shipped based off your feedback... and okay, a little more about Gem's Series B funding.

Welcome to Gem's July product update!

Though we usually keep these focused on the latest and greatest features we've shipped based off your feedback, we also wanted to share some super exciting news this time around.

ICYMI last week: we announced our series B!


We're thrilled about this next chapter of growth and honored to have you on our side, so thank you for helping get us to this milestone. You can read the press release, our own blog post about it, or a Forbes piece about Gem's story and the opportunity we have ahead of us.

Additionally, we wanted to share a recording of the amazing webinar on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion that we hosted earlier this week with the inspirational Aubrey Blanche of Culture Amp, joined by two of our own Gems, Alem and Georgena. We heard such rave reviews about it afterwards that we thought it'd be nice to share here for those who couldn't make it.Feel free to pass it along to others, and let us know what you think!

On the product front, here's what's new in Gem:

Outreach StatsIn Candidate Cohorts, you can now click on individual numbers to view which prospects counted toward that number:

Pipeline Analytics

  • Tons more filters and breakdowns to slice and dice your data
  • Saved reports list: we cleared up the clutter of your ever-growing list of saved reports in the left sidebar and moved them to the "Reporting" dropdown in the upper right
  • Race/ethnicity breakdowns (some of you may still be working through getting approval to turn this feature on -- thanks for your patience!)

Prospect Search

  • Gem custom fields: search on null values

CSV Upload

  • For those of you who upload lists of prospects to Gem, you can now include notes, which get uploaded to the person's activity feed

Thanks for reading, and be well! Til next time.


Team Gem

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July 21, 2020
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