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Gem Feature Release Update: August 2019

Gem Product Updates for August

We aren't sure where the summer has gone, but turns out it was a productive one for us. Here's a rundown of what's new in Gem, and as always, share your thoughts, questions, and feedback by chatting with us in Gem, or sending an email to

Workflow Updates

  • Do you love Calendly? 🗓We do too. And now, when you add Calendly links to your sequences and a candidate books time to chat, we'll automatically stop the sequence for you. If you have Calendly Premium or Pro, go to your Gem Account Settings to connect your Calendly account, or learn more in this article.
  • Add a GitHub profile, get an email If you have a candidate's GitHub profile URL, paste it into their social links and we'll find their email address from it.
  • Upload additional resumes Now you can add additional resumes for any candidate straight from the sidebar.
  • Share your projects and sequences Hit the "Share" button in the upper right of any Project or Sequence page to share with specific people.
  • Backdating manual touch points in bulk From a Project, you can select multiple people and log a touchpoint for all of them at once for any date in the past:

CRM Updates

  • View your Greenhouse activity in the Gem activity feed Now you'll see Greenhouse notes, activity, and emails combined with Gem activities in the sidebar.
  • Pipeline Analytics 📊
  • Download as a CSV: export the data in your current view
  • The "All Candidates" view now includes:
  • Date pickers 📆 (Check them out on the upper right in Pipeline Analytics)
  • Filtering on Gem user tags Select the "Gem Filter Type" dropdown in the upper left
  • Group your pipeline data by hiring manager
  • Breakdown your pipeline data by job

  • Search Improvements
  • It's faster! 🚀
  • Boolean search across LinkedIn resume keywords
  • Sort by "last activity"(You can do this in Projects too)

Lastly, we've launched our Office 365 integration!

If you know of any friends who'd like to try out Gem with Outlook instead of Gmail, feel free to share Gem with them or send them our way via

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August 29, 2019
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