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Gem Feature Release: December 2020

Welcome to Gem's final product update of 2020!

Before we say goodbye to the year, we have one last batch of exciting new features to share with you. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions, comments, or ideas for anything we can build to improve Gem for you.

Source candidates on more sites with the Gem Extension

Last month we told you about sourcing on top of GitHub, and this month we're excited to let you know that you can 1-click source and sequence candidates from SeekOut, Twitter, and Facebook. Read more about how this works in this article.

Sequences: CC other people

When you're sending a sequence, you can add anyone to the CC field of any stage. Pick a single stage to add your hiring manager to, or CC someone on the entire sequence for visibility:

Pipeline Analytics

  • DEI: intersectionality metrics (race/ethnicity x gender)
  • Group by interviewer, company, location, or school

Sharing Gem Projects with people outside of your org

If you're an agency looking to share lists of candidates with your clients (whether or not they're Gem users), send us a note to learn more about this new feature. We'd love to have some beta testers!

Gem Slack App

Gembot for Slack is here! Search for Gem in the Slack App Directory. Keep your hiring managers in the loop (and identify any bottlenecks) by pushing pipeline updates directly into any Slack channel.

We have a host of other new features  including updates to our Gem API, adding attachments to sequences, and tons of improvements to Outreach Stats, so be sure to check out our Changelog, which you can also access anytime by going to your account menu in Gem:

Thanks for reading, and happy new year, everyone! As trying as 2020 was, you all made it so great in so many ways, too. We wouldn't be here without you... and we can't wait to make big strides with you together next year.

Hope your holidays are happy and restful, and see you in 2021!


Team Gem

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December 28, 2020
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